Wednesday, November 18, 2009


this is an interesting Image I found of a clock that has a vertically designed. its a bad design because at first look the user is not sure how to read it, It could be showing the time or the month and date. Personally I think you should not have to guess what time it is when your in a hurry. I guess if you do get it, over time you would get accustomed to it, but i just don't like it.


In this week reading of (DFI) I found it interesting when they talked about the future and how we will be Using personal agent program computers that will do scheduling for us. this reminds me of an animated Series called Mega man NT Warrior where both kids and adults used these devices that had AI characters in them that would manage their calendars and remind them of things and keep track of them, as an add on with they AI characters both children and adults were able to have there characters interact and share information about their owners and update their schedules. Through this interaction kids found a way to have their AI characters Battle like a game, which is what the show is mainly about.