Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Above are my four website images for project one. the order is from top to bottom, Good website, bad website, and my website designs.

blog 12

This is an image i found of a bad shower design. it looks good and all but for a shower I see no good purpose for it because you would have to hold the shower head the entire time and I believe that a shower should be hands free. I feel that this design would be better suited for a tub with an optional hook to hang up the shower head.

blog 11

AHCI- talk about designing with color and the ins and outs of the major issues people have when designing. when choosing colors for a design they should not be randomly pick but chosen wisely, and should also be changed thought the design process. Orange is a color that should be strongly thought about when using because in most cases it is hard for many computers to read correctly. people are different so there are a few factors to keep in mind when designing with color. first, older people are less sensitive to color so they need brighter colors and some also are not able to see blue hues. second, 8% of male and 0.5% of female population have bad color vision, the most common is the ability to see the differentiate red from green. to help with this issue, colors can be combined with other key cues like shapes, patterns, or location. there are two domains when designing for color. interface that uses color to impart information and an interface that allows users to choose colors.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


this is a funny image i found of a company logo for Kiowara. Unfortunately the person who designed this failed to notice that the two circles on top of the K made it look like two figures are doing some kind of sexual position, or some one being tied up or arrested.


Chapter 5 talked about human error and how we tend to mess up when we are doing two actions that are similar, or are related in a given situation. I myself have done strange things like if i were using the milk while i was watching TV and eating cornflakes i would be thinking to put the milk back into the fridge, but at the same time i would we wondering what was happening on the TV. so instead of putting the milk in the fridge i would but the TV remote inside the Fridge instead. when i would return to the TV, i would then wonder where the remote went and see the milk still on the floor. i would then take a second to think, if the milk is here then what did i put in the fridge. I then would realize that it was the remote that i had put in the fridge and not the milk, so i would then have to grab the milk put it in the fridge, find the remote in the fridge and then go back to watch TV.


this is an image of a stove i found with a very strange design. first off, I would have to say that I have never see a stove with only three burners, and to make it worse all three of them are way to close together, I get the only way this would actually work is if you were cooking one thing at a time, but if you had more then one things to cook at a time it would be very difficult.


Chapter 4 talked about how we as people mess up when we have more then one option or possibility when doing something. when i read about the example of the Lego motorcycle, it reminded me of when I was working on the extra credit paper air man. when I was in class, I didn't notice that every piece was numbered and that every number would help me in putting together all the pieces. So after I got home I had to figure out how to put the pieces together and what went where. it was a good thing I kept the instruction sheet, they didn't really help that much since i didn't know what number was what, but they did give me a visual idea on what everything was suppose to look like, It took me almost 5 to 10 hours to put the paper airman together, but with the knowledge i had and the help of the visual instructions i was able to put all the right pieces together.