Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Chapter 5 talked about human error and how we tend to mess up when we are doing two actions that are similar, or are related in a given situation. I myself have done strange things like if i were using the milk while i was watching TV and eating cornflakes i would be thinking to put the milk back into the fridge, but at the same time i would we wondering what was happening on the TV. so instead of putting the milk in the fridge i would but the TV remote inside the Fridge instead. when i would return to the TV, i would then wonder where the remote went and see the milk still on the floor. i would then take a second to think, if the milk is here then what did i put in the fridge. I then would realize that it was the remote that i had put in the fridge and not the milk, so i would then have to grab the milk put it in the fridge, find the remote in the fridge and then go back to watch TV.

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