Wednesday, October 14, 2009

blog 11

AHCI- talk about designing with color and the ins and outs of the major issues people have when designing. when choosing colors for a design they should not be randomly pick but chosen wisely, and should also be changed thought the design process. Orange is a color that should be strongly thought about when using because in most cases it is hard for many computers to read correctly. people are different so there are a few factors to keep in mind when designing with color. first, older people are less sensitive to color so they need brighter colors and some also are not able to see blue hues. second, 8% of male and 0.5% of female population have bad color vision, the most common is the ability to see the differentiate red from green. to help with this issue, colors can be combined with other key cues like shapes, patterns, or location. there are two domains when designing for color. interface that uses color to impart information and an interface that allows users to choose colors.

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