Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Chapter 4 talked about how we as people mess up when we have more then one option or possibility when doing something. when i read about the example of the Lego motorcycle, it reminded me of when I was working on the extra credit paper air man. when I was in class, I didn't notice that every piece was numbered and that every number would help me in putting together all the pieces. So after I got home I had to figure out how to put the pieces together and what went where. it was a good thing I kept the instruction sheet, they didn't really help that much since i didn't know what number was what, but they did give me a visual idea on what everything was suppose to look like, It took me almost 5 to 10 hours to put the paper airman together, but with the knowledge i had and the help of the visual instructions i was able to put all the right pieces together.

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