Tuesday, September 8, 2009

chapter 1 of DOET p2

I also found some parts of the chapter to be very funny, I started to laugh when I read about the differences in the design of different doors, and I could remember when there were times that even I got it wrong when pushing, pulling, and sliding a door open. above are two pictures i took of my basement door. i feel that my basement door is a very bad example of a door design and that when they installed it, they did not take into account how well it would be used. the first pic shows the front of the door, as you can see it has a small handle in which for most people one would pull the door to open it. it also has a hook lock in which locks the door and keeps it closed. unfortunately when you look on the back of the door there is nothing, so if you wonted to pull the door closed you can't because there is not handle or nob. you also can't close the door because it had no latch and you would not wont anyone to lock the door when you are in the basement otherwise you would be stuck. this is why i think my basement door is a piece of crap and a bad door design.

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